Bebe O'Gallini

Bebe O'Gallini's Luck o' the Irish is Kicking In.  Get ready for your St. Patrick's day Shut-In bar crawl.

A great collection of greens and near-greens to get you ready for your St. Patricks Day Shut-In bar crawl

CasaGlamWigs are made of very soft, very full 150%-180% density human-like hair. They look so natural with a widow’s peak and realistic temples. Your friends won’t believe you’re wearing a wig!

The ultra-soft human-like hair is ventilated into luxurious neutral colored lace that is then attached to the velvet like wig cap. This gives you 1”-2” of parting space in front. You can part these girls anywhere!

Our wigs are heat safe with thermal tools on a medium/low setting. Always test heat sensitivity in an inconspicuous area first.